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Sent: Fri 25/6/2010 10:08

To: Khairul Azman B Yasin (CEO/PMTSB)

c.c: M Zazali B Salim (GM/INSTEP); M Najib B Ahmad (LECD/INSTEP); Yasir B A Rahman (DIRECTOR_PERMATA/PMTSB); Roszopor B Naeman (HRM/PMTSB)

Dear En Khairul,

As you all know, I had been relatively ranked in the M3/4 group of assessment recently. Yesterday I received the CTO letter from HRM stating the amount of compensation of RM59,646.00 only if I opted to leave Petronas early. This amount is only equivalent to 4 months of my basic salary whereas other staff was offered 12 months. The amount which in my calculation would support me for the next 3-4 months only. This is an insult to me since I have been loyal to Petronas and working for almost all my life without fail or disciplinary problems.

I still have 11 months to reach 55 years old and I am very interested to leave Petronas now. With that amount of money offered, I think I could not survive before I could secure another job outside. The reason why I want to go now are:

  1. I have no motivation to continue with my work since getting that assessment result, it is fair for you to release me now since if I still continue with my current job, I will not do my best at all.
  2. I do not want to go through that 2 monthly assessment as stated in your letter before
  3. My salary was raised very minimum as compared to other staff recently
  4. I will be getting a very minimum bonus later on
  5. I was jeered by fellow staff and could not stand anymore

Here I would like your goodself to help to persuade HRM to revise the offer to the following:

  1. The lump sum amount to 12 months my basic salary
  2. My last pay for the 55 years contract buy-out
  3. Bonus of any amount which Petronas might think fits
  4. Other terms and conditions as stated in the current CTO letter e.g. PRSC Equalization Sum, Income tax exemption etc.

If I get the revised offer, I promise you that I will sign the CTO offer letter immediately. I think this is a win-win situation both to Petronas and myself.

I hope you can consider my application wisely and I am waiting for your very positive response.

Thank you

Mohd Nasir Isa



Written by mohdnasirisa

25/06/2010 at 10:17 am

Posted in Petronas

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  1. saba tuan, saya amat memahami.


    14/08/2010 at 10:58 am

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